Bruce Williams - Drawings curated by scultore

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    MedeaJiri ApproachingJiri Rising
    Figure drawings by Bruce Williams at Minerva's Drawing Studio (formerly Spring Studio) 293 Broome St.New York, NY 10002, March 20-April 24. Artist's StatementA live model is always the starting point for my work. In my studio models create poses in collaboration with me. Understanding the body in a scientific way provides a foundation of tools for creative minds, so anatomical knowledge is a critical component in my work. However, portraying physical reality is not my main goal. What I am after is a synthesis of sight and time. Even in a short pose a model moves, breathing and relaxing muscles as time passes. Shadows move and mass dissolves. As my drawing progresses, lines and shapes spread out on the paper. The 3-dimensional stage is converted into a 2-dimensional representation. False starts, corrections, and accidents all come into play in the finished piece as part of the artistic process.I hope that these drawings show what a transcendent joy creating art is.--Bruce Williams

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